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Shrimp Biofloc:


Super-Intensive Intensive Indoor Shrimp Biofloc Program:
System Design, Operation, and Commercialization

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BloombergBusinessweek, December 16, 2016  NEW
How Antibiotic-Tainted Seafood From China Ends Up on Your Table


Why Buy Domestic Seafood in the United States

FDA Refusals of Shrimp from Jan. to November 2015

Texas Aquaculture Permits and Contacts

Why Choose U.S. Farm Raised Products?


Aquaculture Facilities for Sale or Lease:


King's Aqua Farm


Austwell Aqua Farm

Shrimp Productions:


U.S. Production
U.S. Shrimp Production History 1988-2015 


Texas Shrimp Farm Production
Chart in Pounds 2005-2015 


Texas Shrimp Farm Average % Survival
Chart 2005-2015 


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