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Texas Facilities

"Update on Inland Shrimp Farming in West Texas"

TAA - Trade Adjustment Assistance Program

Texas Department of Agriculture Facility List

Texas Shrimp Processors

Texas Shrimp Farms Production 2006 - 2013

Catfish Production in Texas

Texas Coastal Aquaculture Permitting
Photos of Texas Facilities

Ekstrom Enterprises:    Silver Steak Bass Company (El Campo, TX)
Arial Photo by Glen Frels

Seaside Aquaculture (Red Drum)

Brett's Fish Farm (Koi)


Tex Mex Processing

Bower's Processing Plant . . . . Bower's Farm @ Harvest

Harlingen Shrimp Farms, Ltd.

Simaron Freshwater Fish

Bart Reid's Permian Sea Organics


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Updated: 11.25.15